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Protecting your home and providing security for the things that matter most to you is our highest priority. We offer professional, cost-effective solutions for home alarm installation and repair.

Contact us for a quote and we will get the top alarm installations company in Cape Town to contact you to discuss the best alarm installation for your requirements.


Early Warning Systems

An alarm system is a strategically installed early warning system to let you know that your home and your family may be in danger.


CCTV Systems

With our expertly installed cameras, digital surveillance and recording systems, you can monitor everything that is happening, both inside and outside your house.


Intercom Systems

From wireless intercom systems to gate access control, we can put you in charge of who comes in and who doesn't.


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Alarm installations cape town is a website whereby you can submit a quote request for alarm installation, and we will find alarm installation companies to quote on the job. You will get up to 3 independent quotes to choose from and we only use reliable trustworthy companies on our database. When it comes to the security of your home and family – you cannot take any chances. You need to get the best possible security you can within your budget, by using our website you will be able to get the best quote possible, enabling you to stretch your budget further and perhaps improve your initial idea’s for home security. Alarm installations are the first line of defence and many robberies are foiled by the fact that there is an alarm system in place. Alarms stop the ‘chancers’ from quickly robbing your place. Be prepared and plan ahead, get an alarm installed on your property right away by submitting a quote request on our website to have alarm installation companies based in cape town contact you as soon as possible. We cover all area’s of Cape Town, as far as Somerset West and Paarl. We look forward to assisting you with your alarm installation in Cape Town.

Alarm installation in Cape Town has been taken to another level by Alarm installation Cape Town. We have the best technician who in the Western Cape who will help you to assess your property and advise on the best alarm system suited for your area and property, be it home alarm, office alarm or industry alarm system. It can be a local alarm system which is the most basic form of home security, they will have various sensors positioned around your house, and once intruded will set off a loud alarm. The sensors can be hooked up on doors and windows and more advanced options like motion detectors can be added, Alarm installations Cape Town can do all these for you and ensuring you that the alarm system is in proper working order all the time. We are also licenced to install the Monitored Alarm System, which are more less the same as the local alarm system, however in addition to the alarm have a connection to a monitoring service. This means that if you’re the sensors are intruded, a professional is ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us and we will give you the best deal that will offer you top security.